What You Will Learn in Your Early Childhood Education Courses:


    The Early Childhood Education Program includes a liberal arts core in addition to all the specialized courses. This four-year program is designed to equip the student with the experience and skills needed to work with children under five. The courses encompass solid academic coursework in child development, family relationships, assessment and teaching strategies with a special focus on teaching children from age three to five. 

    ·         Early Childhood Education Curriculum and Instruction
    ·         Health, Safety, and Nutrition
    ·         Promoting Development in the Early Childhood Classroom
    ·         Creating a Fun Learning Environment
    ·         Implementing Curriculum
    ·         Foundations of Child Development
    ·         Dynamics of the Family
    ·         The Exceptional Child
    ·         Emerging Literacy through Children’s Literature
    ·         Career Development
    ·         Research Methods

    Bachelor Program
    Undergraduate Students should complete a minimum of 128 credits, including 40 credits of general courses, 54 credits of required courses, 30 credits of elective courses, and 10 credits of courses outside the Department of Early Childhood Education.
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